June, the perfect month for Ylang Ylang

When I think of June, I think of sunshine, heat and flowers out in bloom. Ylang Ylang is my essential oil for June with its intense, floral power! And definitely an oil I use in aromatherapy massage. This tall evergreen tree flowers all year round and produces yellow, pink and mauve flowers. Native to Indonesia,…


Lavender, my essential oil for May

When I think of May, I can’t help but think of flowers. When I bullet journal, its always full of flower doodles throughout my May pages. It seemed a natural choice for me, coming out of spring and embarking upon summer, to use and chat about one of the most famous of essential oils… Lavender…


My essential oil for April

Confusing title? Yes, this was my essential oil for the month of April. Unfortunately I was struck with a trapped nerve. Completely out of the blue!  It stopped me in my tracks and it still hasn’t gone away. However I’m pretty determined to keep up with my schedule, so I’m a gonna bring it to…


Essential Oil for March – Lemongrass

Lemongrass, there’s something about it. Something unique! My Lemongrass soap never stays in stock! It’s my most popular soap. I want to delve a little deeper to find out more about this treasure. About Lemongrass It’s a tall, fast growing perennial grass. It’s fresh or partially dried leaves are steam distilled to extract the essential oil.…


My EsSensual oil for February

A wintry day. February. They say it’ll be the coldest night so far this winter. Oh dear! My body doesn’t like the cold. I feel cold at the best of times but just now I just can’t get a heat. The central heating gets turned up and with disapproving glances from my husband, I pay…


January’s ESSENTIAL oil – Eucalyptus Globulus

Hi, Janice here from Advantage Aromatherapy.  In this blog you will discover more about Eucalyptus  🙂 Let me share something I just recently learned about myself. I discovered that I’ve loved aromatherapy long before I even knew what it was! When I was young and loaded with the cold, memories of my mum slathering vicks…