FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is aromatherapy safe during pregnancy?

A. Using essential oils when trying for a baby or during pregnancy is not recommended. It

can be very beneficial however to help with pain relief during labour.

Q. How are essential oils used?

A. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Your tailored blend is best applied through a relaxing massage. This helps the body to absorb the oils.
  • The blend can also be added to your bath, especially good for helping with musclular aches and pains or sleep problems.
  • Dry inhalation is when you put a few drops onto a tissue to carry with you and inhale deeply when required. This can be good when suffering from a cold, flu, sinusitis, hay fever or panic attacks.
  • Vaporizer: By placing a few drops of your blend into an oil burner over a tea light you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or more specifically ease symptoms of respiratory troubles, to aid concentration or to envelop yourself in calm.
  • If you have a minor injury, such as a sprain or strain, a compress will provide the perfect first-aid treatment. Essential oils can help to disinfect wounds, relieve pain and inflammation.

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