Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy, a brief history.

Hot stone therapy is an age-old therapy dating back 5000 years to India. It is also used in many other cultures throughout the world.

The Hot Stone Treatment

This wonderful therapy involves the application of smooth water-heated volcanic or Basalt stones of varying sizes. The stones are applied to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth.

Hot Stone Therapy benefits include:-

  • Induces a state of deep relaxation, which significantly reduces stress,
  • Improves circulation,
  • Increases the range of motion, tendons will loosen faster & stretch further,
  • Helps to relieve pain, stiffness, muscle discomfort & spasms,
  • Aids detoxification of the body,
  • Improves the metabolic rate,
  • Soothes PMS-related symptoms.

Did you know that the heat from a hot stone can penetrate 1.5 inches into the muscle tissue? This helps to ease out stiffness and pain.  Used in conjunction with essential oils this treatment can prove to be pretty powerful!  🙂

Hot stone therapy

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