My EsSensual oil for February

A wintry day. February. They say it’ll be the coldest night so far this winter. Oh dear! My body doesn’t like the cold. I feel cold at the best of times but just now I just can’t get a heat.

The central heating gets turned up and with disapproving glances from my husband, I pay no notice. People die of the cold at this time of year! The cold penetrates deep into your bones and chills you from within.

My chosen essential oil for this month is cinnamon leaf. It is spicy and warming in a comforting way.

Native to Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Southern India & Southeast Asia, the tall, bushy, evergreen tree grows. Giving three different oils from its bark, it’s roots and it’s leaves – the oil from the leaves is the best for aromatherapy.

So famous an oil it is, to be mentioned in the bible, to have been used for thousands of years… to have even been used in the mumification process of the ancient Egyptians!

Yes, this is a special essential oil, with a history, a past.

In aromatherapy I use it for the digestive system. In a tummy massage it can help with poor appetite, anorexia, colic & flatulence.

It can benefit the immune system dispersing fatigue and helping those who are infection prone.

Useful for skin conditions as it is an antiseptic and paracitaside.

So helpful for muscular aches and pains, as it is a circulatory stimulant. It is antispasmodic and analgesic. It warms the skin and improves the circulation in that area.

Not to be used in pregnancy this oil also, should be used in low concentration as it can irritate super sensitive skins.

Mixed with other oriental oils like clove bud, black pepper, frankincense or patchouli, this could be a heady mix. However with citrus oils like mandarin, orange or lemon it could be quite light and breezy. But mix it with rose absolute, jasmine, geranium or ylang ylang and you’d better watch out! That is a strong sensuous blend.. make no mistake!

Our Cinnamon Swirl has cinnamon, clove bud & orange essential oils. It is very popular for Christmas time as a gift or for being of use around the house. Hear your guests compliment your soap when they come to visit or stay. See their eyes light up when they receive it as a gift 🙂

Used in massage its plain to conceive that this oil, can work wonders on an intimate level. With its heady aroma and warming, stimulating properties,used with gentle but firm massage strokes, can melt the most lukewarm of hearts.

Words to describe cinnamon leaf essential oil? Warming, fiery, uplifting, energizing, tonic, strengthening, stimulating.

Is it any wonder that this is my essensual oil for the Valentine’s month – February?

Do you use cinnamon essential oil? If you do, please comment below. Why do you use it? Why do you love it? Do you love it in a blend with other oils? Please let me know for I love hearing all your stories. Until next time… improve your health & well being 🙂

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