My essential oil for April

Confusing title? Yes, this was my essential oil for the month of April. Unfortunately I was struck with a trapped nerve. Completely out of the blue!  It stopped me in my tracks and it still hasn’t gone away. However I’m pretty determined to keep up with my schedule, so I’m a gonna bring it to you even if a little late. It’s too good an oil to miss!

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil, it’s seriously one of my favorite oils. We get the oil through a cold process method which extracts the oil from the small sacs within the peel of the fruit. The tree from which it comes is pretty beautiful as well. Large dark glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers turn into the fruit which we all know and love.

Originating in the West Indies, the main countries of production now are West Indies, USA, Brazil, Israel & Nigeria.

One of the things I love about grapefruit oil is that it is non toxic, non irritating & non sensitizing. This makes it suitable for all skin types. In my research of this oi,l I found that some sources listed this oil as photo-toxic and other sources claimed that it isn’t.  The conclusion that I have arrived at, is that there is only a very minimal, weak chance of photo-toxicity as the amount of furocoumarins. Only a trace amount. All citrus oils have a tendency to be photo-toxic however grapefruit is one of the safer, less risky oils.

What is grapefruit essential oil good for?

Its great for the lymphatic system. Conditions such as cellulitis, obesity and water retention. This oil is depurative and so helps to detox the body. It’s also a great oil for the skin… all skin types in fact, but especially oily skin. Due to its tonic effect on the skin and scalp, it’s great for oil and acne prone skin being antiseptic and astringent.  For the mind and emotions it’s also a very gentle but effective oil as it is uplifting, reviving, good for treating stress, depression and nervous exhaustion as it is an anti-depressant.

What other oils would I blend grapefruit with? Well it always depends on your client however this oil blends very well with all other citrus oils, herbal oils, spices and oils like palmarosa, rose, jasmine, cypress, ylang ylang, geranium & lemongrass.

If grapefruit were to be aligned to a person, or given a personality, it would be a warm happy person who is bursting with energy, who loves life and people 🙂

Final words on grapefruit that describe it well would be:- revitalising, refreshing, cheering, uplifting, cleansing, stimulating self esteem, cooling, decongestant.

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Until next time… take care and improve your health & well being 🙂

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