Fresh Lemongrass Soap

When designing a soap, there are lots of choices to be made. This is one of my soaps that just came together like it was always meant to be ???? My Fresh Lemongrass Soap.

My first thought was, a nice soap for Spring! Spring and Easter. But what essential oil would I use? Being one of the freshest, zingy and lively oils, I couldn’t resist choosing Lemongrass! It has a character all of it’s own and doesn’t need mixing with any other oil.

So now that the essential oil was chosen, what colours? The colour most obvious to me was green as it’s the main colour of lemongrass. Easter time is full yellow… decision made! So I decided on yellow and green shreds within a white soap ????

This soap is my most popular soap. I’ve noticed at craft fayres that a customer will like the look of it, but once they put it to their nose and take a deep whiff of it’s unique fragrance… that’s it! Sold! This soap never stays on my shelf. At the moment of writing this post I have one in stock. Next job? Make more Fresh Lemongrass Soap lol!

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This is a big bar of soap and it lasts for a long time. If you wish, you can cut it in half and have two sink soaps. However this soap will last you a long time. Unlike many other soaps the aroma lasts right to the end of its use and does not wear away ????

Warning! Soap making can be addictive!

Making soap is addictive. I begin to see potential soap shapes and designs in the most unusual of places. Once I was in the cue at Tesco cafe and the designs on the cakes and buns got me thinking! Part of the fun is dreaming up new designs. It’s just a shame that our regulations for selling soap are so restrictive, otherwise I would currently have many more for sale.

However all my soaps are safety assessed by a chartered chemist and conform to current EU regulations.

I hope you enjoyed this little chat about soaping. Please let me know if you would like me to discuss any of my other products. Any questions you have, I will be happy to answer ????

Until next time…. improve your health & well being ????

Janice x

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