Making Antimicrobial Soap

The World is currently in a crises. Corona-virus has caused our lives to be challenging and unlike anything we have ever experienced before. It occurs to me that at times like this, we asks ourselves “What can I do to help?  What skills or services can I put to good use for the benefit of…


My new, exciting SOAP!

Well, this time last week I was makingsoap… this soap… …. A very new, exciting soap! Yeah… don’t laugh! I know I look funny lol! There is a lot of safety involved when making soap.  However, the soap as you can see is a pale cream colour.  That’s because it is made with cow’s milk…


Grapefruit soap, chat, slicing & demo

My product of the month (April) is Grapefruit soap. I have made a YouTube video where I chat about it’s design, slicing it up and giving it a sink test.  If you would like to see that, then please click here. I know that many of my clients like to read rather than watch YouTube…


Fresh Lemongrass Soap

When designing a soap, there are lots of choices to be made. This is one of my soaps that just came together like it was always meant to be 🙂 My Fresh Lemongrass Soap. My first thought was, a nice soap for Spring! Spring and Easter. But what essential oil would I use? Being one of…

Roses For You

My product of the month. Roses For You bath bomb ❤

My product of the month is my Roses For You bath bomb. Why? It is the perfect gift for Mothers day! Is is a beautiful big bath bomb and with essential oils of rose, geranium & ylang ylang.  It is also a luxurious gift! These oils are not only expensive, but you get a whole…


Aphrodisiac Soap – tell em that you love em!

So, with Valentines day is around the corner. My product of the month is Love Letters. My handmade soap with my unique, aphrodisiac blend. With essential oils of orange, ylang ylang and benzoin, we have a sweet, warm, sensual blend that the person you love can use and think of you as they use it.…