My introduction to The Miracle Morning

So each month I like to look at 4 aspects of what I do.

  1. My essential oil of the month. Picking one of my oils that seems appropriate for the time of year and just looking at it a little closer in order to learn more about it.
  2. My holistic treatments. I’ll take one of my treatments or an aspect of it, and explore it further, learn new techniques or just learn more about its history and traditional use.  It’s a journey to help me be a better therapist.
  3. Then I’ll look at a health & lifestyle topic. Now this is wide and varied. It can be from a lifestyle change like the one I’m going to blog about now – the miracle morning, the Konmari method, keeping organised or it could be a self improvement book review… anything that helps us to improve our daily lives.
  4. Lastly I will promote one of my aromatherapy products. I design & make aromatherapy bath & body products. They are all safety assessed and legally on the EU market. It has been a long journey and a steep learning curve and I’ve still such a long way to go! But chatting about them, the reason I made them, the circumstances I made them for etc lets people know that I’m passionate about it. But it is a lot of work and not a lot of people know of my business but that’s a whole other job completely! A person can only do so much. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to have some help ????

However, today I’m chatting about The Miracle Morning. Have you ever heard of it? Do you practice it?


The Miracle Morning, devised and written by Hal Elrod is a pretty inspiring book.  For some it has been none other than life changing!  Hal was in an horrific accident when he was young, I believe he was clinically dead for minutes! As he came round, he was told that he’d probably never walk again! Hal wasn’t ready to accept that and he had the most amazing mindset that helped him to get back on his feet again.

Hal experienced more set backs in his life as well as many amazing achievements, but this led him to try to discover a method of getting where you want to be in life. He looked at all the different ways one can improve oneself and the life SAVERS are the culmination of that research.

The idea is that through your life S.A.V.E.R.S you can achieve the life you want.

S = Silence. This can be pure silence or meditation or prayer.

A = Affirmations. There have been many books written on the power of affirmations.

V = Visualization. Again this can take many forms.

E = Exercise. Of course we all know just how good exercise is for body and mind.

R = Reading. This could be self improvement books, something you want to learn more about.

S = Scribing. Journaling perhaps, maybe colouring or creating art?

I myself have been practicing the miracle morning for over a year now and I have noticed changes taking place in my life. I mean… if you read 10 pages of a self development book each day… it’s bound to have an impact on you!  If you repeat your affirmations and visualize what you want to happen in your life, it’s like your subconscious gets to work on it! Exercise keeps you fit and healthy, silence gives you space, time and peace. Journaling (scribing) helps you to sort your head out on paper.

I find it works! And there is a great facebook community for support too! It’s amazing seeing where people do their miracle mornings… all around the world, and even more amazing hearing about how it has influenced their lives.

I recommend it!  If you are thinking about taking on the challenge… go for it! If you want to chat about it, comment below or chat with me over on Facebook ???? I tend to keep topics like this in my Advantage Aromatherapy Tribe Group which is members only, so you’re in good company! ????

Until next time… Improve your health & well being  ????

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