My review of the book… Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

This blog is all about the essential oils I use in holistic therapies and handmade aromatherapy bath & body products, but I like to touch on general health & well being issues too. So today I am reviewing the book ‘Eat That Frog’ by Brian Tracy.

I’d heard of this book. The title of this book struck me as so odd! I mean eat? a frog? Eh? How awful! Yuk!

I had to know more. Especially as it was being banded around in some of the facebook groups I am in.

I’ll tell you… I was not disappointed! I loved it!

Brian uses simple language. He presents you with common sense facts that you kind of know deep down, but perhaps just need reminding about.

Your frog is basically your most important task of the day.  It’s that task that you know is important, has to get done, but you just can’t face it. We’ve all been there. This is when we develop other skills… those of procrastination lol!

“Resolve to make progress rather than excuses”. I can relate to this! Yup, when it comes to excuses, just watch my creativity flourish then!

It is so true though, there always seems to be a task that we’d rather sweep to one side than deal with. Why is this? I guess sometimes it’s because the task seems overwhelming? In which case Brian says “By the yard it’s hard but inch by inch it’s a cinch!” He’s so right! Just eat that frog one bit at a time.

If you have two frogs? Eat the ugliest one first! I think one of the reasons I love this book is that it’s actually quite funny too? There is a really clever link in what is a serious self development book, Brian manages to keep it light with this very clever humorous link.

Some of his advice hit me between the eyes though. Especially when he says that the worst use of time is to make a good job of something that doesn’t need done at all! I’ve been here. I’ve done this!

There is lots of practical help in his book too. Plan plan plan! “Long term thinking improves short term decision making”. Write things down on paper. Next month as part of my health & well being theme I’ll be looking at bullet journaling, which I have been doing now for a year. It is true, some magic takes place when you write it down. I’ve recently read that people who write their goals and plans on paper achieve 1000% more. Is this true?

“There is never enough time to do everything, but always enough to do the most important thing”.

Set a schedule, get 90 minutes of solid work done. Have a 15 minute break then another 90 minutes work. Then reward yourself by checking emails, facebook etc. That’s 3 hours of work and he suggests creating that time and space where you will not be distracted by anything. Can you imagine just how much we could be getting done day to day if we adopted this?

The usual self help aids are in this book too, like positive affirmations. “Do it now! Do it NOW!” (I need to use this one!). I’ll often think… yeah I’ll do that later. It’s just that later never comes.

Overall I really liked this book. The language is simple. The ideas rooted in common sense. The analogy humorous and an easy yet helpful read.  I would recommend it for teenagers studying for exams at school, for college students and for adults who are busy.

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I hope this review has been useful to you. If you have read the book please let me know what your thoughts on it were. If you are are thinking about reading it… let me know how you get on once you do.

Until next time…. Improve you health & well being ????


Janice x

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