Valentines Day Ultimate Gift, Indian Head Massage

Late January… hmm! February’s just around the corner! Hmm! Valentine’s day lurks, creeping up to catch me out… again!

What to get for a gift? Men are so hard to buy for! Am I the only one who feels this way?

18 years of marriage, and every February that same old question rears its ugly head lol!

Well this year I decided to look inward. Above all the ‘STUFF’ a person can buy, a massage is, in other circumstances a great gift. Why not on this occasion too?

Best thing about Indian Head Massage?  You don’t need any special equipment. It can take 45 minutes or 20. All you need is a warm room, perhaps some candles, a towel or blanket and some oil. Sweat almond, coconut jojoba or olive are great oils to use. And if your feeling adventurous, you could add a few drops of essential oil.

Many essential oils are known to have aphrodisiac affects. You can’t go far wrong. My suggestions would be either florals like rose, jasmine, lavender or geranium. Woody oils like sandalwood or cedar-wood atlas. Or spicy oils such as frankincense, ginger, cinnamon or black pepper.

Indian Head Massage is based on the traditional system of Ayurveda. Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit ‘Science of life’ or ‘Knowledge of life’. It has been practiced in families for 3000 years!

The benefits of Indian Head Massage have been so glaringly obvious that it has become a staple treatment in every holistic clinic.

I mean… not only does it improve the condition of your hair, it relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation, helps drain toxins which aids the immune system, can help aid deeper sleep and increase energy levels.

Ultimately it is calming, revitalising and de-stressing… when you add into the mix that this gift can strengthen your bond and intimacy… like I said… it’s the ultimate Valentines gift!

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