My new, exciting SOAP!

Well, this time last week I was makingsoap… this soap…


…. A very new, exciting soap!


Yeah… don’t laugh! I know I look funny lol! There is a lot of safety involved when making soap.  However, the soap as you can see is a pale cream colour.  That’s because it is made with cow’s milk :p

Cows milk has lots of benefits when used in skin products. That’s why we see so many of them. It contains large fat molecules which moisturize the skin. It is also a good exfoliant for the skin. Furthermore it’s been proven to be very gentle, especially to sensitive skin ????

This week, seven days later, I’m taking the soap out of it’s mould. I cant really take it out any earlier. Normally this type of soap can be taken out of its mould 24 – 48 hours after it has been made. This soap however, being made with cows milk, is much softer.

Another thing…. it’s colour has changed significantly. It’s turned Brown! Dark brown! This is due to the fragrance oil that I have used, which happens to be perfect because it’s a fragrance that smells like chocolate truffles! The benefit here is that I don’t need to add any colourants ????

It’s amazing though, that when I cut into the soap, I discover that the middle is a pale yellow almost orange colour. This is because the middle, inside of the soap hasn’t been exposed to the air. In as little as a day or two this soap will be dark chocolate brown all over! ????

35062767_1911300155580948_8653815607688429568_n (1)

The soap is now placed on a stainless steal curing rack and will cure for between 4 – 6 weeks, in which time I will be keeping an eye on it, weighing it and turning it.

I will be back to blog a little more about this soap as I reveal who it is being made for, so please follow my blog to find out more as the mystery is revealed! ????

I have made a YouTube video of this blog. If you would like to watch it please click here. I could do with a bit of loving on the old YouTube channel as I’m still relatively unknown over there  ????

Until next time… Improve your health & well being ????

Janice x

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