Grapefruit soap, chat, slicing & demo

My product of the month (April) is Grapefruit soap. I have made a YouTube video where I chat about it’s design, slicing it up and giving it a sink test.  If you would like to see that, then please click here.

I know that many of my clients like to read rather than watch YouTube videos. Perhaps if you’re on a train or in a more social setting it is more convenient and less data usage 😉

My grapefruit soap is a really nice gentle soap. Some citrus oils are apt to being very strong, but grapefruit is light, gentle and for a top note essential oil – lasts in the soap. For more information on the benefits of grapefruit essential oil please click here for the video and here for the blog 🙂

There are only 2 soaps in my range with this design. (Clear yellow soap with white embeds).

Hi!  Here is my YouTube video chatting, slicing & short demo of my Grapefruit Soap…. enjoy!


As you can see from the bubbles and lather on the soap above, the sink test passed with flying colours 🙂 Lots of bubbles, good lather and cleansing but not stripping the skin of its much needed moisture.

If you would like to buy this soap or see what other products I hand make. Please visit  All my soaps are fully insured & certified to comply with EU legislation by chartered chemists.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I look forward to sharing with you again in the near future 🙂

Janice x

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