Roses For You

My product of the month. Roses For You bath bomb ❤

My product of the month is my Roses For You bath bomb. Why? It is the perfect gift for Mothers day!

Is is a beautiful big bath bomb and with essential oils of rose, geranium & ylang ylang.  It is also a luxurious gift!

These oils are not only expensive, but you get a whole lot of bath bomb for your buck and believe me it is worth every penny

This bath bomb won’t stain your tub and it won’t turn your water colour but it will fragrance the whole bathroom and a few small rose petals will make you believe that you are Cleopatra for a while

If you would like to see it in action you can check out my You Tube video here.

Want to know something? After filming the video, you’d better believe I jumped in that bath & chilled out for some time. It felt naughty because it was the middle of the day, my husband was working and my kids were at school. But that’s the thing!  These days we are all too busy to lie back in a nice hot bath and relax a while. What is with that?

Certainly from the craft fayre’s I’ve attended, I’ve come across many people who say “Oh, I don’t have baths, just showers!” or “Oh, I don’t have time for baths!”.  I’ve even heard “Oh, we got rid of our bath YEARS ago!”

There’s nothing more I love than to sit back in a hot bath with a glass of wine, a good book or some great music, (especially with the cold weather we have at the moment :/) and feel my body relax. It’s such a shame that we can’t take time out for ourselves.

That’s why it’s a great gift for a mum. As a mother myself to three, I know how demanding a day can be. Give the gift of luxurious oils, time out & relaxation 🙂

In this bath bomb we have rose absolute, it’s a beautiful oil. Great for mature skin or dry skin. Geranium is a good oil for helping to balance out the emotions. Ylang ylang is both delicate and warming, providing depth to the blend.

With jojoba and Epsom salts not only will the skin be looked after but any achy joints and muscles will be eased too.

Overall, this fabulous bath bomb. It relaxes, restores & soothes whilst also allowing for that all important me time as it melts your cares away 🙂 For more information click here.

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