Making Antimicrobial Soap

The World is currently in a crises. Corona-virus has caused our lives to be challenging and unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

It occurs to me that at times like this, we asks ourselves “What can I do to help?  What skills or services can I put to good use for the benefit of others?”

Well, knowing that washing our hands with soap and water kills the virus and my being a soap-maker, the answer to me was obvious!

My established range of soaps are unique and luxurious, which takes me a lot of valuable time to make normally, but what if I made a basic soap, one which I could make a large amount of, in a short space of time? And being basic with no colours or fancy additives would also make the soap cheaper to buy!  This feels like an ideal way for me contribute and so, I set out to make an antimicrobial soap and lots of it!  Currently our supermarket shelves are stripped bare due to panic buying, the hand-wash & soap isles are no exception. So this is something i can do for friends, family and for the larger community and my soap does not contain Palm oil!!!   🙂

All soap is antimicrobial.  However, soap with essential oils in them pack that extra punch! Especially the essential oils I have chosen for this soap, which are lavender and tea tree.

It is believed that even though soap itself is a rinse off product, that at least 1% of the oils stay on the skin. The evidence of this is simply to smell your hands after washing them.

Lavender and tea tree essential oils are very effective oils in both antiseptic terms and in kindness to the skin.  This is just one of the facts that I love about essential oils. Whilst killing the bacteria they don’t harm our skin, in fact, they are good for our skin.

And so I have begun a journey, to make a basic, effective yet kind soap that won’t cost the earth (and did I mention that it doesn’t contain any palm oil!)  The soap has now been tested by a chartered chemist in line with EU legislation and there are many other hoops to jump through in preparing to sell such a soap, but I think it’s worth it. With my new labels complete and ready to go, I made a large batch of antimicrobial soap, which filled two large moulds today.

I filmed my making the soap for my youtube channel. If you would like to watch the video then just click  HERE

I then made another video where I unmould and cut the loaves of soap. If you would like to watch how that is done, then just click HERE

If you would like to purchase my antimicrobial soap, it will be ready in 4-6 weeks time, you can pre-order it! Just click HERE

I have another Tea Tree soap with poppy seeds and green clay which is very popular. To buy this, just click HERE

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Lastly we have a range of great solid hand creams. Ideal for protecting your hands in between washes and caring for them too. They come in a handy tin, so you don’t need to worry about spillages. Great for air travel too! Just click HERE to see more.

Thank you for reading. I wish health & happiness to you and your family. Stay safe and for the moment anyways, stay home.

Until next time!

                                  Janice x

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